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Daily development in technology has resulted in increase of speed in daily routines by using various data exchange methods. This matter has motivated Bamboo-DMC’s technical team to design the online visa requests system in order to accelerate the time consuming and complicated process of visa issuing. Some benefits of using the mentioned system are listed below:

  • Instant visa request.
  • Ability to download visa instantly after issuance.
  • Online visa status checking.
  • High security in sending and receiving important documents.
  • Ability to use the system simultaneously by multiple users.
  • Error-free documents submission system.
  • Updated news on new visa issuance rules and regulations.
  • Online helpdesk.

In order to maximize efficiency in hotel reservation, Bamboo-DMC has designed an online hotel reservation system to deliver pleasant service to its clients. Online hotel reservation services are as follows:

  • Search ability in offered hotels.
  • Online reservation ability with competitive prices.
  • VIP service for passengers on demand.
  • Updated news on hotel prices and exclusive tour offers.
  • Online checking of reservation process status.
  • Instant download of hotel voucher after confirmation.

You can download & send us the following forms after fill them to become one of Bamboo-DMC members & use the benefits of website's online services. After Sending forms, according to request, we will grant you your username & Password to access requested divisions of website.

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